Retired K-9 Heroes





K9 Valor  

K-9 Valor was born on March 31, 2016. He began his career with the FCSO in May of 2017. During his time at the FCSO, K-9 Valor served as a dual-purpose canine helping deputies search for narcotics and keep the streets of Flagler County safe. While serving FCSO, K-9 Valor was deployed 209 times, recovered over 4,200 grams of illegal narcotics, and made 28 criminal apprehensions. K-9 Valor has attended multiple community events and has left a tremendous impact on everyone who has had the opportunity to meet him. After 3 years of service, and at the advice of the agency’s veterinarian, K-9 Valor is receiving an early medical retirement caused by a blood disorder. He will spend his retirement with K9 Deputy Smith and his family. 



K-9 Tag  is a German Shepherd who began his career with the FCSO in 2011. K-9 Tag was assigned to Cpl. Tarczewski and was deployed 586 times, recovered over 10,608 grams of illegal narcotics, and made 35 criminal apprehensions. After 9 years of service K-9 Tag retired in Jan 2019 and he is spending his retirement with Cpl. Tarczewski. 


K-9 Repo is a  Belgian Malinois, began his service in the summer of 2009. K-9 Repo served the agency with Cpl. Tarczewski, deploying over 140 times to assist deputies with area searches for criminal suspects and sniffs for narcotics, among other duties. Their combined efforts resulted in the arrest of some 30 individuals, 15 of as a direct result of K-9 Repo’s efforts. K-9 Repo retired in April 2017 and has been enjoying his retired years with Cpl. Tarczewski and his family. 


K-9 Reno, a German Shepherd, began his career with the FCSO in the summer of 2009 when he was assigned to Deputy Joe Dailey. As a K-9 Team, they primarily supported the road patrol division by assisting in locating and apprehending criminal suspects and sniffing for drugs through 50 deployments, resulting in 11 arrests. K-9 Reno retired in April 2017 and enjoying his retirement with Deputy Daily.



K-9 Marko, also a German Shepherd began his career with the FCSO in 2012 and served on the K-9 Unit for 8 years. K-9 Marko was assigned to Sgt. Gimbel and deployed 796 times, recovered over 16,000 grams of illegal narcotics, and made 62 criminal apprehensions. K-9 Marko retired in January 2019 and he's been enjoying the retired life with his handler.